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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Limo Link Exchange for?
Limo Link Exchange is only for real limousine service providers looking for true promotional services with no complicated or hidden fees and catches. If you look around our network, you will understand why our simplicity and quality allows us to become #1 choice for leading limo service providers. We don't allow just any web site, we carefully review each limo web site before listing in our directories. Our goal is to help people find and deal with real limousine service providers directly and privately. We are not a link farm, or FFA.

Linking to other web sites that are reciprocating with yours will not drive away your traffic. Linking with other quality limo web sites is only mutually beneficial if you are in the right marketplace. The only way for your prospective customers to find out your prices is to contact you directly. These are hot, motivated visitors with much greater conversion ratios.  Stop competing for just one doubtful email lead shared with 10 other Limo providers.  It's hard to deny the fact that people would rather deal with live person instead of an auto-responder. Connect to the marketplace for transportation services, where People come together to get more qualified traffic in one place, and if there is any marketplace to be in for sure - 
it is the Original™!

There are more of those people who don't want to give up their emails and privacy because of potential security issues, spam and virus problems, nor do people have the time to learn pages of instruction on how to find a limo site.
Limo Link Exchange™ is absolutely hassle free for your customers.
How long did it take you to understand how to find a limo on That's how fast and easy it is for your prospective limo clients to find you, and find you they will.


1. Q: Long term contract?
    A: No.

2. Q: Cancellation or hidden fees?
    A: No, we only charge low flat monthly maintenance fee.

3. Q: Is my Credit Info safe?
    A: Absolutely. We also accept via PayPal

4. Q: Can I pay by check?
    A: Yes, please call us for more info.

5. Q: Do I have to provide access to my web site?
    A: No, we  don't have to have FTP access to your site, unless you hire us for your site optimization.

6. Q: Will anything change on my web site?
    A: No. You may choose to add our link to your site.

Example text link: Limo Service Directory
(set to open in a new window.)
This banner linked to your links exchange pages, which we will set up & manage for you. Framing is unacceptable. The most cost effective, full service, reciprocal limousine link exchange solution!

7. Q: Why should I use 
    A: Increase your link popularity, improve search engine rankings, save time and costly mistakes, get the most effective, inexpensive and recognized web site promotion out there. Get direct calls and unlimited, targeted visitors.

8. Q: Will you sell my information or send me spam? 
     A: No. We never share, sell, or use your information in any other way than to contact you regarding your account. Every so often we do send out our newsletter with important industry news and tips on how to improve promote your business.

. Q: How can I change my account information? 
     A: Call us toll free. 877 562 4450

10. Q: Is there a live support?
     A: Yes, you can contact us Toll Free any time.

19. Q: Why is Link Exchange important?
     A: Automated robots spider the web, following hyperlinks from site to site. These Spiders document how many links point to your website. So, the more links to your site from relevant and quality content sites exist on the web, the more important your web site is, and the more likely big name search engines will find your site, and list it higher in users' search results. 

Never pay anyone who claims to submit or resubmit your site to 75,000 unheard of search engines, or to do "ongoing" optimizations. Search Engine Spiders will find your web site as long as there are links to your site on the web. Don't fall for these marketing scams.

We realize that in order for your web site to get the most while using our service, it has to be search engine optimized. This does not mean any spamming techniques. Simply put, your web site must be Search Engine Friendly with well written Title, meta tags, and site copy. We can optimize your web site at your request. Please call us for details. By optimizing your web site to be search engine friendly, you can improve your search engine listing for the most targeted, motivated visitors. This is also your chance to have your web site checked. 

Get your web site in front of millions of traveling customers planning their holiday and business trips from anywhere in the world! Improve your targeted traffic with the only, original Limo Link Exchange Services - One of the most important step in your promotional efforts for your limo website. 
Call us now 1 877 562 4450!  We work for you the hardest!

We Offer Unbeatable Value!

We don't set limits to how much traffic you can get!
We have no hidden costs!

For the past year, our clients have been seen by roughly 2 million unique, quality, motivated  visitors, looking for limo and airport transportation service coming from major search engines! 
We are growing fast and for a reason! 

If you want to be found by motivated buyers list your limousine website with us today!

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  • Get customers from across the United States and Worldwide reserving transportation with you directly.

  • Increase targeted, motivated traffic

  • Get direct calls

  • Grow and retain your customer base

  • Only real, quality limousine web sites  

  • Daily Autorotation to ensure equal exposure

  • No long term contracts!

  • Privacy & Simplicity for your Customers

  • Toll Free Live Support

  • Nothing to learn for you or your customers

  • Direct Traveling Referrals

  • Returning Limo Customers

  • Unlimited, Quality, Motivated, Targeted Visitors including Government, Military, Travel Agents, Regular and returning visitors, and Celebrities.

  • Save valuable Time & $1000s on advertising

  • We offer website optimization - call for more info and pricing 877 562 4450

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Limo Service  -  Airport Transportation Promotion Why Limo Link Exchange?
Great for limousine service providers & for their prospective clients. We don't charge commissions, per click, or per lead.
Our promotional service saves millions of advertising dollars to US Limo Service Providers that they would have to otherwise recover by charging their customers higher fees. If you spend $300 - $1000 a mo on Pay-Per-Lead advertising, multiplied by 12 months, that's $3600 -$12000 a year. Multiply that by just 1000 limo companies and you get millions of dollars a year that could be saved for your and your passengers.

Our customers increase their targeted motivated search engine traffic,  plus additional visitors from 3 of our sites,, and

Many travel agents and about 2 million unique visitors see our sites searching specifically for limousine service & airport transportation in all 50 US States from all over the world yearly and growing

Limo Link Exchange is the Premier Limousine Directory! We make sure that only quality content limo websites make it into our directory.

We monitor for dead links. Our limo web sites are easy to navigate and buy from.

Airport Transportation Promotion - airport limo - Town Car We don't charge per click or per lead. Only a flat monthly maintenance fee, saving US Limo Service providers & consumers millions of dollars per year. It is your customer who ultimately has to pay for your expensive advertising. We change all that. We help the most targeted, motivated prospective limo customers connect with you directly, while providing them with quality, simple, private, fast and free searches.

Limo Service - Airport Transportation Promotion - Town Car We don't collect your visitors' private information or emails.
There are no registration forms to fill out for your prospective limo clients with us. Your customers can finally find your limo web site while keeping their privacy and without risking of getting more junk emails than they already have. 

Limo Service - Airport Transportation - airport car service All links are rotated once a day to ensure equal exposure for everyone.
Our customers are Leading Limousine Service Providers across the United States. We are different, because we work for you, and we care about what we do. 

We set no traffic limits, there are No annual Contracts! There are no hidden fees.

Get your web site in front of unlimited, quality, targeted visitors coming from Limo Link Exchange, members' web sites , and

We are the Original, Full Service Limo Link Exchange Directory Service.™
The Premier promotional solution for New & Leading limo service providers on the web.

Order now 1 877 562 4450 and as an get found in
If you're looking for a positive change, call us today! 

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